One, single feed to rule them all.

Raise your awareness of what happens in the real world and how it impacts your business. We combine operational, environmental, and situational data using our logistics data platform to give you a single feed to reduce business risk.

Get ahead of the curve

The intelligence you need to make better decisions.
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A digital thread of the supply chain
Project Auxo collects data from hundreds of data sources and extrudes it into one, simple thread for businesses to take action on the dynamic, changing nature of their supply chains.
Connect your internal business data to external environmental and economic data sources to get instant, actionable insights.
Monitor developing situations to take proactive measures to reduce risk and make more informed decisions.
Setup custom workflows, filters, and notifications from the Auxo Pulse feed to keep stakeholders in the loop raising situational awareness along the entire decision chain.
What Kinds of Data We Process
Market Dynamics
Operational Systems
Vendor Networks
Severe Weather
General Weather