We connect dots, you focus on action.

Being reactive is costly. Be proactive in your day-to-day to avoid supply chain disruptions and get more out of your resources.

“We’re committed to building the ultimate logistics data platform combined with a world-class service layer where, once plugged in, you’re operating at the same level as the big players in supply chain.”
Patrick Schmied
Founder at Project Auxo
What Kinds of Data We Process
Market Dynamics
Operational Systems
Vendor Networks
Severe Weather
General Weather
Raising situational awareness through data
100+ connectors and the ability to integrate into almost any system gives Project Auxo the unique ability to connect the dots to create unique insights unlike any data partner.
Auxo Pulse
Get ahead of the curve by having mission-critical information come to you instead of going out and looking for it.
A digital thread of the supply chain
Project Auxo collects data from hundreds of data sources and extrudes it into one, simple thread for businesses to take action on the dynamic, changing nature of their supply chains.
Connect your internal business data to external environmental and economic data sources to get instant, actionable insights.
Monitor developing situations to take proactive measures to reduce risk and make more informed decisions.
Setup custom workflows, filters, and notifications from the Auxo Pulse feed to keep stakeholders in the loop raising situational awareness along the entire decision chain.

Auxo Supply Chain Analyst as-a-service

Our SCAaaS service acts as supply chain traffic control for your team by taking the heavy lift of data collection, insight generation, and actionable insights to make.

The extension of your team you’ve been looking for
Save time and money building a supply chain management group ahead of when it’s too late. Step function your team with a standardized data platform to generate quick insights from real-world data.
A dedicated supply chain analyst to your account backed by a team of data engineers all supercharged by our proprietary logistics data platform.
A single-pane of glass Control Tower to get visibility into your supply chain with actionable insights layered in by our analysts.
Weekly reports to keep a pulse on changes alongside actionable insights.
Powered by Situational Analytics
More than just traditional analytics, Situational Analytics delivers facts in context, and the actions that can be taken next.
A set of circumstances measured from our situational data fabric.
Insights from fusing situational data to provide context relative to your business.
Make better, more informed decisions with notifications and automations.